Business Process Walkthroughs

This selection of walkthroughs provides step-by-step, end-to-end business processes that you can perform using the CRONUS International Ltd. demonstration company. The walkthroughs consist of multiple procedures, some of which would normally be performed by one user, while others incorporate several different user roles. In order to simulate the working environment, some of the walkthroughs contain setup steps necessary to complete the exercises as described. These steps can provide insight into the kind of information users need to share with their company's IT professionals.

The walkthroughs are complete scenarios, and should be performed from beginning to end for the greatest benefit. Many are based on Dynamics NAV demonstrations, and enable you to try those procedures yourself, at your own pace.

To avoid having to log in as many different profiles, navigation steps in the walkthroughs are based on department menus and not on the Role Centers.

To See
Set up a marketing campaign Walkthrough: Conducting a Sales Campaign
Use prepayments to part of sales orders Walkthrough: Setting Up and Invoicing Sales Prepayments
Set up approval users, when and how the users receive notification about approval workflows, and then modify and enable the relevant approval workflow. Walkthrough: Setting Up and Using a Purchase Approval Workflow
Put received items away in basic warehouse configurations Walkthrough: Receiving and Putting Away in Basic Warehouse Configurations
Put received items away in advanced warehouse configurations Walkthrough: Receiving and Putting Away in advanced warehouse configurations
Plan supply orders to fulfill demand manually Walkthrough: Planning Supplies Manually
Plan supply orders to fulfill demand automatically Walkthrough: Planning Supplies Automatically
Assemble and ship items that are customized on the sales order Walkthrough: Selling, Assembling, and Shipping Kits
Plan a project, from start to finish Walkthrough: Managing Projects with Jobs
Understand the costs of a job Walkthrough: Calculating Work in Process for a Job
Pick items for shipment in basic warehouse configurations Walkthrough: Picking and Shipping in Basic Warehouse Configurations
Implement defects management Walkthrough: Tracing Serial-Lot Numbers

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